Jacob Wester

Jacob is a freestyle skier from Stockholm, but early on plied his trade on the slopes of Åre, the inspiration for our black elevation print. Jacob lives for the outdoors and spends his winters finding new lines in the mountains, spends his summers chasing the surf in his van.

What inspires you?

It depends on what I am doing. If I'm skiing, I get most of my inspiration just from looking at mountains. I never get tired of it, looking at possible and impossible lines, thinking about how the snow would feel under my feet, how steep it is, what to do if I would arrive at a dead-end, and all these things. It's a constant puzzle I'm trying to solve. And there's nothing like skiing down something you have set your eyes on, and realizing that you did a good job of evaluating it. That's when I feel truly powerful and get reminded why I'm doing these things. Outside of skiing, music is a constant source of inspiration. I am very lyrics-driven, emotionally rich lyrics especially. When a song puts words on a subtle feeling, something I had thought of but didn't know how to approach it, I start smiling instantly, and that's when my brain really starts working. Life without poetry would not be worth living.

What motivates you?

Mostly self-improvement. Every day in the mountains or in the surf I am driven by a constant urge to become better than the day before. It could mean another 100 meters of climbing, a grab tweaked in a new way or another second spent inside of a barreling wave. I never want to stop learning new things, even in the areas I am the best at.

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?

In no particular order: Ski or surf under the Northern lights. Shape my own surfboard and catch a 10 second tube. Living in a house at the foot of the mountains by the coast with my girlfriend and a dog for at least one year without traveling.

Who has been your biggest influence?

The musician Conor Oberst from the band Bright Eyes. His words and wisdom have given so many moments of my life meaning that it's silly.

Short answers

Hidden talent?
I once could recite the first 150 decimals of Pi by heart. It's a talent I no longer have, but like most knowledge it's probably dormant and could be brought back with some practice. I probably forgot because it was absolutely pointless!

What could you not live without?
It would be tough living without a camera. When you get to see so many places and do so many awesome things, memories tend to blur as times pass. Photos and videos of the good times are essential!

What's your best life hack?
Learn how to take photos and write interesting texts and the next thing you know you're financing your vacations by selling trip stories!

Life is your canvas - Jacob Wester (full version) from WearColour on Vimeo.