Robin Wallner

What is your Canvas ?

My bike, it´s my happy place and my artform, what i love the most about it is how simple it is and at the same time it seems like there are so many variables that makes it fresh and exciting every ride. It constantly colors my life with new places to explore and conquer.

How did your journey begin?

I feel like it began when me and my brother started riding bikes and trail riding. I have ever since wanted to explore and kind of see ”whats on the other side” and when enduro racing appeared on my radar i felt like someone created a racing concept that is just what i am all about. Exploring new trails and places but with the excitement of also trying to ride as fast as possible down a unfamiliar trail.

What inspires you?

People that have a passion of almost any kind is usually pretty inspiring to chat to. Be it a successful car-dealer or a professional skier it is always inspiring to talk to someone that is passionated about what they are doing and getting to know how many different ways there really are to reach the top.

Short answers:

Hidden talent?
Multitasking. What could you not live without?

What could you not live without?
My mountainbike.

What's your best life hack?
For sure building a pump track in the garden.

Robin's favourites

  1. ZEAL Jacket
    1,539.30 SEK 2,199 SEK
  2. STORM Parka
    1,399.30 SEK 1,999 SEK