PINETECH is a high performance shell with a highly breathable and waterproof membrane. A 3-layer durable, lightweight and comfortable blend of quality fabrics for ultimate protection. Waterproofness: 20.000 mm  Breathability: 15.000 g/m2/24h.


DEWTECH provides solid levels of waterproofing, breathability and comfort. Using high quality technology to keep you dry, warm and comfortable. Waterproofness: 10.000 mm  Breathability: 10.000 g/m2/24h.


DWR (Durable Water Repellent). Special treated fabrics provides an efficient protection in humid conditions. The water repellent finish is extremely thin and does not compromise the look and feel of the fabric.


CLOUDFILL is a technology with thermal qualities. An animal friendly layering garment using a synthetic materi-al with the equivalent qualities to downfill. Enables you to easily regulate your temperature in various conditions.


SWIFTDRY is our specially developed fabric designed to wick moisture away from the body. Quick drying and breathable garments for high level comfortability prevent-ing you from feeling damp.


RECYCLED POLYESTER is a sustainable way of  producing polyester. By using recycled PET bottles the production requires less energy compared to when pro-ducing virgin polyester. This makes for a more conscious and enviromentally friendly process. Reducing water consumtion, air and soil pollution, diverting waste from landfills, resulting in far fewer emissions to the air. Good for the nature - good for you.


BIONIC-FINISH®ECO is an ecological water  repellent impregnation. Based on a recipe inspired from the nature containing non-toxic silicone and  polyurethane, no chemicals at all. Bionic is the future!